You find credentials to a bank account publicly online with 10000$ on it. The owner is not known and very hard to find. What do you do?

Just a moral question I’ve been thinking about for a while. What would you do? To make it harder, let’s say that notifying the bank MAY result you to be blamed for acquire the credentials illegally. And one step further, if you just leave it, some one else will most probably take all the money in the account.

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Honestly I would contact law enforcement and see what they can do to help me find the owner.

Another possibility is just leaving the money and let someone else deal with the mess :joy:


Yes, I totally agree with LoZer. That’s the best way to go about it. Alert the authorities, and try to help the owner not get robbed of his $1000.

Good answers. I agree with you. But if we make it harder: what if the authorities suspect you are to blame and you get the blame for hacking/stealing the account in the first place? And we also add a 0 to the amount, so it’s now “100000$” in the account. What would you do?