What's happening to the gaming community?

For the last few years, we have evolved in video games. But people have been rude, sexist, homophobic, ect. But why are people like this? And what do we do to solve this issue?
This is going to the victims of who may have been cyberbullied. Because people should not be bullied for something that’s normal or for being themselves.


People like to be labeled and feel included in groups they feel they identify with. As soon as anybody has a conflicting or different opinion, stance, or affiliation, the get defensive and see the person as a threat to them. You can see this by gamers aggressively argue with each other over consoles which comes down to preference.


gaming for the most part has always been like this. Most kids talking trash are nothing compared to the racial slurs and such in the old MW2 days


Some people were sending death threats to devs who are making their games EPIC exclusive. I don’t understand the behaviour.


I just hope people stay safe in this large community