What is Stadia?

Is the platform from Google the “next big thing”?

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I am a Stadia Founder and can’t wait for Stadia to release. It is a video game streaming platform, where you stream video games from Google data centers straight to your monitor.

With an internet speed of 25Mbps you’ll be able to play at 4k 60fps (of course if you have the right monitor). In the UK we don’t have data caps on broadband so that won’t be a problem. But I know over in the US data caps are a common issue, hopefully your providers give you unlimited soon.

Recently, Cyberpunk 2077 got announced, and thanks to Stadia I’ll be able to play it at 4k 60fps. My pc would have no chance at running it at this quality. I also plan on getting Doom Eternal and Borderlands 3.