Thoughts about El Camino?

I thought it was great. Some people feel it was a bit underwhelming but you need to remember that it is a story of exodus. A story of Jesse’s escape from New Mexico. And the past that haunts him. The ending was great and i cant wait to see how Vince and Gould finish up the story of jimmy mcgill. What did you guys think of the movie though?


Thanks for the heads up! Just watched it with my cousin after seeing your post :laughing:

I think that it was pretty good, but unfortunately disappointing… I’m an avid fan of Breaking Bad, so I was excited for this movie! Now obviously there will be spoilers, let’s get into it.

The movie was unsurprisingly written well and the cinematography was very exquisitely performed. The problem with the movie is that it solely focused on Jessie. We don’t finally get to know what happened to Heisenberg’s family, Grey Matter, and more. We only see Jessie’s path after being freed and the closure of his story.

Although we all love Jessie and all of our questions about his closure and storyline did get answered, we also wanted to know what happened with the entire world and important characters in the world of Breaking Bad.

El Camino is still a fantastic watch, with incredible acting as always by Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman). It was also really cool to see a bunch of the original cast appear again, 6 years later, including Walter White!

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Such a great review, Alex! Thanks for your excellent insight :smile:

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