Realistic Goals for 2020

It’s a common notion to have goals for the new year. Whether it’s getting into shape, eating better, or just having a better mentality of things, we all should make goals for ourselves. I have different goals pertaining to better health and want to NBC it sugar out of my diet(I eat too much lol). What are some realistic goals you guys are going to set for yourselves in the new year? I’m curious to know.


I’m a pro at setting unrealistic goals, but this year I decided to set more achievable goals. Here they are:

  • Read more books than I did last year. I think this will be easy since I love to read.

  • Eat healthy. Kind of difficult, but still doable.

  • Be nicer to myself.
    There are more, but these three are my top priorities.


Sooo true, I keep finding myself eating junk without even realizing it lol

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Resolutions usually consist of weight loss, eating better, hitting the gym more often, etc. And I won’t lie, that’s definitely part of my to-do list. But some of the more unusual ones include:

  • Learning Spanish. I was somewhat conversational last year, but I’d like to become fluent. I use tons of different language apps (including the infamous Duolingo), and I like to think I’m getting better.

  • Reading at least 1 book a week, preferably 2. I would make the goal higher, but my schedule’s becoming more and more pressed. :open_book:

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I also suggest YouTube, Lingvist, and even purchasing textbooks. I’m an avid language learner, I know where you’re coming from.

Thanks! What languages can you speak?

I’m not sure what Lingvist is. Is it free to use?

Yes it’s free! I speak English, Armenian, Spanish, and French :slight_smile:

I would have to say one of my main goals of 2020 is to stop discrimination in my school, to learn either swedish or french, and to be more open about my self.

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