If you could have one superheros powers whose would you want?

i would take the flash’s, he can nearly freeze time, he can phase through shit, and who doesn’t want to run super damn fast


I would have Spider-man’s web swinging ability. The problem is, it’s only good in cities like New York, so I would just live there instead.


Wolverine because he has incredible healing powers so I can fuck around and take risks knowing I’m good. Also, Thanos admitted that Wolverine can kill him.


Probably One Above All.

one above all

Pretty generic of an answer, but it’s true! After all, he has omnipotence, and he’s omnipresent and omniscient.

This means he’s all powerful - he has power over all things in the universe, and he’s omnipresent, existing everywhere at once. Finally, he’s omniscient, which would mean that he’s all knowing.

Interestingly, he’s basically the God of the marvel multiverse. While I probably wouldn’t use the excess of his powers, he’s pretty interesting!


Power to control superheroes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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