How do you feel about Quora compared to Quemuse?

Quora is a question and answer website similar to Quemuse


I hail from Quora. Quora is more versatile, but older.
This new platform could very well be the future.
Chuck us a follow,



I feel that Quemuse has a far more attractive, almost alluring design. Quora I feel is kind of bland.

Q&A Experience

Answering and asking questions on Quemuse is a lot quicker, sleeker, and easier. I find that reading a question and its answers on Quora can be confusing. Although, I really like how you can request answers from specific people on Quora.


This site has huge potential because of how simple and straightforward it is. People love using things that are fast and easy. It also has the potential to be bigger than a Q&A platform by how flexible the site is.

Quora has established its platform for years and has endless content, but Quemuse is an ultramodern and recently developed platform, therefore it would be unfair to compare the numbers.


Both platforms are amazing Q&A communities and I’m more interested in what Quemuse can become.


I just got here from Quora.

I must say that my first impressions of the site are quite good. I like the sleek style. I like the contemporary-ness.

However, There are a few things I don’t like:

  • Quemuse seems to be geared toward gaming and technology- Quora is geared towards knowledge, period.
  • Quemuse appears more as a forum than a place to ask, answer, and share information. I haven’t read many answers, but I see informal wording of questions that look more like Reddit or other forum thread titles.
  • Short answers seem to be encouraged. Another thing that makes this like a forum
  • The concept of ‘reply’, rather than answer, also makes this more like a forum

All this can be sacrificed for a sleeker style, potential improvements, and more experience.

By ‘more experience’, I mean me being on here more.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t mind trying new things. But I’mma stick with Quora for right now.
Read my answer on this on Quora: Ian Howe’s answer to What are your thoughts on Quemuse?


Quemuse seems like a potentially large Q&A site. It seems to be made out as a forum (such as Reddit) instead of a blunt answer-the-question deal.

Quemuse also seems to have a sleeker design. The messages function is brilliant, with added designs that Quora doesn’t have like italic, bold, and emojis.

Also, I’ve noticed that many answers on Quemuse are shorter than you would see on Quora – on Quora, if you were to write a short answer such as this one, it may be overlooked or completely deleted from the site.

Overall, both sites are excellent quality, although overall I’d prefer Quora, but I am sort of biased since I’ve been on Quemuse for barely a day.